Eko Yol
Eko Yol products are safe and responsible environmental practices
Eko-Seal HPPCO® Environmental Benefits

There are serious environmental problems with the heat created by asphalt that has a negative effect on the Urban Heat Island (UHI) Index. Due to its dark surface color, asphalt creates a night-time illumination problem, asphalt absorbs heat from the sun and retains it for long periods of time. This causes a significant rise in the heat index in the surrounding urban areas and contributes to global warming.

Eko-Seal HPPCO® inhibits the release of hydrocarbons into the air and ground water.

Eko-Seal PPCMO® Solar Reflection Capability

Eko-Road’s Eko-Seal HPPCO® is a reflective product that turns an ordinary asphalt pavement to an environmentally green area, and the UHI that major cities are facing.

The light color and the density of the HPPCO prevent heat buildup and cool down the asphalt pavements beneath about 12 degree (tested). And solve many other environmental problems of unprotected asphalt pavement or weakening concrete. Eko-Seal HPPCO®contains no hazardous materials.