Eko Yol

Eko-PATCH® is a cost effective and ecologically safe wearing repair material intended to plug potholes on asphalt. Eko-PATCH® is, composition of water activated polymers and selected aggregates that can be used instead of a hot mix patch to fill potholes.

• A blended, water activated co-polymer binder
• Bonds to asphalt and concrete
• Contains no asphalt, bitumen, solvents
• Does not require compaction
• Lasts longer than a hot mix
• No machinery required, placed with a plastic trowel
• Use on roads, driveways, bridges and parking lots
• Can be pigmented black, gray or tan
• Will not wash out from rain or snow melt
• Not affected by U.V. rays
• Leftovers of the product can be saved and reused
• Environmentally safe